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Internet casino in Italian

If you think that gambling online is something complicated, and if you think that the main obstacle may be to face a foreign language, you are wrong. With the liberalization of online casinos in Italy last July, it is very easy to see a proliferation of internet casinos in Italian. No fear, therefore, of not understanding rules, strategies and game modes because the language is different from yours, and no fear, therefore, of “getting screwed” due to misunderstanding and misunderstandings.

888 Casino, one of the most popular virtual gaming rooms

Among the internet casinos in Italian there are many and for beginners there is plenty of choice. To give just a few examples, we will mention the most well-known web casinos in Italian, to show you how interfacing with the software on which they are based and on the reference graphics is truly child’s play. One of the most popular virtual gaming rooms is 888 Casino, which in the meantime offers all newcomers a 100 euro bonus as a welcome, and also like the other casinos with .it domain is authorized by the AAMS, and therefore completely safe and guaranteed in its transparency.

Immediate and easily understandable graphics

Graphically 888 Casino is really immediate and simple to understand. The Homepage shows in the center, obviously to attract players, the announcement of a welcome bonus of a maximum value of 1 million euros, while at the bottom of the screen, side by side, the games available: from the roulette to blackjack, from live casino to – even – a simulation of your own business, the famous Rai1 program.

The menu items on the 888 Casino website

At the top of the page, however, the items on the horizontal menu of this casino on the internet in Italian also clearly explain to beginners all the options to interact with the software, to register and start playing. For those who are just beginners, the item “How to start playing” explains how to get introduced to the game, while “How to top up” gives the indications to top up your account with money and to be able to play. Casino games ”, on the other hand, illustrates all the options available for betting and having fun online, while under the heading“ Promotions ”you can find out how to win the 1 million euro prize mentioned on the Homepage.

Safe download

Another advantage of an internet casino in Italian is certainly that it can be guided in downloading the program. How many, if they did not understand the language in which the instructions are written, would dare to download a gambling software? With the indications in the mother tongue, of course, everything is simpler: on the 888 Casino site, just to give an example, the rules and steps to quickly download the game program are in Italian and clearly explain the procedure.

An advantage for everyone

In addition to sophisticated graphics and an intuitive interface, in short, an internet casino in Italian captures a good portion of the market made up of those who do not speak other languages ??and those who, before registering and playing, want to be sure they understand what who read.

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